The best Video Game Manger for Android.

Never lose the overview over your video game collection ever again.



Keep track of all your video games by adding them to your list of owned games, your wishlist or your list of preorders.


Get on overview on the Statistics page.
See how many games you own per platform, see you overall progress and the number of games where you finished the story.



Platform Synchronization

Synchronize your games from XBOX Live, PSN and Steam. Just enter your ID and the games will be automatically synced.


Online Synchronization

The Video Game Manager automatically synchronizes all your game between your different devices. So when you add a game on your
phone it will appear on your tablet shortly after.



Barcode Scanning

For games that are not on XBOX Live, PSN or steam you still don’t need to enter all the data by hand. Just scan the barcode of your game and the Video Game Manager will take care of the rest.


Online Search

You can also search the game online by the name. For example when you want to add a game to your wishlist and cannot scan it.



Responsive UI

Responsive UI

Make the most of the screen size you have. The Video Game Manager provides different layout for different screen sizes, so it will look good on you tablet and you phone.